Is an Apartment a Feeling or a Place?


Home is where your story begins and flourishes.

They say that a home is not a place, it’s a feeling. It seems true because you struggle throughout your life and somehow manage to save some bucks, and then you decide to make a home of your own.

A house is not just a piece of land. In fact, it is the peace of mind. It is about the serenity that your heart loves to sink in. It brings you close to those you love the most. Your parents, siblings, wife, kids and all others whom you want to make happy by all means. So you never choose a place that is not suitable for you and your dear ones.

Heart and home

You always try to fill a house with love so that it becomes an ultimate home. It is a fact that if you have a greener and spacious surrounding, then the amount of joy that you offer to your loved ones shall be immense.

A place that we call a home is not about the size it is built on. Instead, it is about the size of the heart that hums in the serenity and tranquility of a home. I suggest this for the fact that when there is love in the surrounding, then there is joy in the heart. So try to select a place where your family and you could enjoy the every bit of life.

A home is not built in a day. Also, a bought facility cannot be disposed of overnight. But even a single second counts when we value our relationships and cannot compromise on the quality living. S we need to try to make an informed decision that is not only according to your mind but your pocket as well.

Home to heart

It takes hands to build a house but inside the house, only hearts can build a home. So try to think about those hearts that will be living in your home, think about their feelings and association with that structure of wood, stone, and cement.

Once again we will emphasize on the fact that a house is made of wood, stone, cement but only love can convert it into a home. A personal residence is like a dream of a rich person.



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