Small Details, Big Visual Impact


Bathrooms usually don’t get much attention or fanfare, but Capital icon believes that bathrooms are an essential part of the apartment and so gorgeous, clean, and luxury is what they aspire for when it comes to their respective bathrooms. They prove that if you have small space there are ways to create an unbelievably stylish space. And I personally believe that just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. It’s always best to focus on the potential rather than the limitations of your home and the bathroom is no exception.

Bathroom could be considered a busy part of the house because we use it every day, it has to be well-designed to ensure that the users will be able to use them conveniently. Capital icon amazingly designs bathroom which contains everything that a family needs and they are aesthetically pleasing. They focus on minute details while designing their bathrooms.


Capital icon uses neutral classy cream color scheme in their bathrooms which create an illusion of more space. Light walls will reflect more light and make your small bathroom feel larger. Extensive use of yellow lights in bathrooms gives its luxurious and stylish look.

Wall mounted sinks:

The Capital icon used wall mounted sinks which are an excellent way to save floor space and to make your small bathroom appear more open. As Capital icon, don’t compromise on a style they use neutral color bowl shaped stylish sink with marble base which creates a statement in the bathroom. This is the stunning feature of their bathrooms.

Corner wall mounted stylish sink with marble base.

Frame-less Corner Shower:

Capital icon smartly design their bathrooms they use stylish corner shower instead of tubs as corner shower does not take up much room and a frame-less design will blend into the walls creating a sense of even more space.

Stylish Corner shower


Lighting is a most important feature in a bathroom. Bathrooms usually have the simplest lighting but Capital icon focus on decent lighting in bathroom Lighting paired with the right color affects mood. Capital icon uses yellow lights in bathrooms which give fresher and luxurious look to a bathroom.

Yellow lights in bathrooms give fresher and luxurious look.

Pop of color:

They add color in bathrooms so elegantly, their bathrooms are bright with pops of color from towels and bath accessories, which add more style in their bathrooms.

Towels and bath accessories.



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